Why Ardau?

Electricity usage world wide is growing and will continue to grow.

Published research shows that fossil fuels (predominantly coal) account for 63.3% of electricity generated worldwide.  Hydro accounts for 15.8%, nuclear for 10.4 %, wind for 5.3%,  solar for 2.7% and others for 2.5%.  (Source: https://ourworldindata.org/electricity-mix) Wind and solar will not have the capacity to generate a large percentage of world power requirements.


Fossil Fuels together with biomass will continue to answer the bulk of the world’s power needs for the foreseeable future.  Demand for electricity will grow even more rapidly as the world moves to electric powered vehicles.

Coal is relatively cheap and plentiful.  It is a very dependable power source.  Until now it has been seen as a polluter and a contributor to global warming.  With Ardau that is no longer the case.

Ardau can also use Waste and Plastics as fuel, and so help rid the world of the problem of these wastes.

Hydrogen is seen as the fuel of the future for transport and other heating requirements. Ardau installations can produce ‘green’ hydrogen at a significantly lower cost than existing methods.

Independent Ardau systems can be delivered by truck or helicopter to Remote Communities enabling them to generate their own power from their own local resources.

Ardau can generate more electricity per tonne of fuel than existing power stations without emitting any greenhouse gases, particulates or other pollutants

Ardau can consume waste and plastics

Ardau can generate cheap clean hydrogen

Ardau can provide local power to remote communities

Ardau is a route to a cleaner, greener world